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Hi, welcome to Orleans Radio.com.  My name is Alex Feig I am the owner & producer at Orleans Radio.  My mission at Orleans Radio is to provide an interactive audio platform to best serve the interests of our community through promoting local music and business.  Simply put Orleans Radio plays all original local music and provides advertising for local businesses.  

We play exclusively original music by artists from Orleans county and he surrounding areas, and we ONLY advertise locally owned businesses or events, so you never deal with any annoying pop ups on our site.


Since the launch of the Orleans Radio.com in May of 2014 the site has promoted your local events with our event calendar, provided exclusive coupon offers from all of our advertisers, organized simple directories with informative links to contact local artists & businesses. 

But thats not all...

With the help of our sponsor PaperBoys, podcast programs on various topics are being developed and will be available to listen to as an option to the live stream.  Listen or become a partner and start developing your own program with Orleans Radio.

Orleans Radio is still growing, however it is designed as a "hyper-local" network that will maintain focus on promoting all our local talent and events.  So stay tuned for all the exciting updates & new features!


Whether you are a musician, artist, business, broadcaster, designer, recording engineer, marketer or simply aspire to connect to your communities artistic culture Orleans Radio is here for you!  

Send your music and share it.  Show your artwork then sell it.  Promote your events for free in the events calendar, or buy a personalized poster with link for only $8 per month.  Professional advertisements & jingles are available to local businesses as well as sponsorship for our podcast programming and video promotions.  

For the creative designer, engineer, marketer or broadcaster Orleans Radio could use your help.  Orleans Radio needs dedicated partners to cultivate original new content and ideas.  Be part of the Orleans Radio team, you don't need experience, but passion is a required!


I am Alex Feig the founder/owner & operator of Orleans Radio.  I was born and raised in Medina NY and currently reside there.  As a youth I showed a great interest in the visual arts, particularly pencil or pen & ink drawing.  Later during  Jr. high I found my artistic persona being motivated and inspired by music, more specifically music from local punk shows at the Weeksend nightclub in Medina.  

The bands were made up of kids or young adults from Buffalo all the way Rochester.  On occasion the club would get a legitimate touring band from California or someplace that seemed exotic and Weeksend began cultivating a rich music scene in Medina for a few years.  Sadly the club has since closed it's doors but the impact it left on my generation and group of friends is tangible.

Music became my life at a certain point in high school, I stopped skateboarding and most other hobbies to focus on writing and creating recordings.  Almost all of my friends were musicians or fans of the music we were creating.  I attended three recording engineer courses at Select Sound Studios in Buffalo and made top of the class.  After graduating from Medina high I soon realized I was learning more from real life recording experience and opted out of the final Select Sound program.

I moved to Rochester for a year and joined The Capitals as a drummer.  We were on a short lived record deal on a indie label called Black Dog for about a year before the band fell apart.  While in Rochester our group of friends began development on a kids TV program called Doggity's Diner where we produced 14 songs along with a book that I illustrated.  With the help of our production the show has since been picked up by PBS and has currently ran two seasons. 

 I moved home to Medina and started a new band called Shotgun Willy that lasted roughly two years.  There was a handful of bands I attempted to start or join for a brief period.  Then I was inspired to go stripped down bare bones blues rock and I created Great White Plains.  GWP was a duo consisting of myself on guitar & vocals and Corey Berger on drums.  That band lasted for less than two years before it melt down. 

After all the subsequent fallouts with band members and friends I was left drained and uninspired, however I still had an uncontrollable attraction to music and production.  At this point I began delving into recording podcasts and doing video production.  This is when I put all the pieces together and began to envision a hyper-local radio network.  

With help from Matt Fuller and a little inspiration from Orleans Hub (thanks Tom!), I decided to put all my skills into one big project and thus Orleans Radio was born.  Matt designed the first version of the website and I gathered all the original local music I could find.  With a handful of local businesses & organizations supporting the idea we had much encouragement to continue and grow.  Now the Orleans Radio site has been redesigned and is better than ever.  We look forward to growing and improving along with the Orleans community.

Alex Feig, Matt Fuller

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.
— Psalms 100:1