Q: How do I tune in to listen?

A: You simply visit OrleansRadio.com and the radio stream starts automatically.  Orleans Radio is an internet radio stream and not available on AM or FM radio frequencies. 

Q: What type of music do you play?

A: Orleans Radio plays all types of music from country to hip hop.  All of the music has something in common however, it is all local and all original, the theme that ties everything together on OrleansRadio.com.


Q: Do you have talk programs?

A: Orleans Radio with the help of sponsor PaperBoys, is currently collaborating with community members to develop a variety of pre-recorded talk programs or podcasts.  These podcasts will be played during scheduled times on the radio stream along with being available for download on demand.


Q: Do you do advertising?

A: Yes.  Orleans Radio advertises local business with audio jingles, commercials,  graphic banner ads, podcast sponsorships, video promotions and exclusive coupon offers.  All of our advertising is produced in-house to save you money and guarantee satisfaction.  Orleans Radio also provides advertising for musicians & artists to promote their events, sell their music or merchandise for an extremely affordable rate. 


Q: Will you play my music and how do I send it?

A: Orleans Radio will play just about anything as long as it's local and original.  Submit your music by opening the Submit Music form on the Submit page located on the bottom menu of the site.  Once you've opened the form enter your song and artist information and agree to the terms and conditions.  Orleans Radio will notify all applicants concerning the addition of their submitted music.  Songs containing explicit content may be censored or rejected and songs with poor audio quality may be enhanced or rejected. 


Q: Still have more questions?