Thanks to everybody at the 2015 Home & Garden Show, see you next year!

Interview with 810 Meadworks owner Brian & a quick review with special guest Ben Jones.

Thanks to Nick Zamniak, Hank Miller & Benjamin Jones from The Capitals for their awesome and inspired performances. This is the final installment from Orleans Radio's live coverage of Medina's annual Wine About Winter, until next year!

Two self proclaimed rednecks Tim Elliot & Justin Stillwell talk about their upcoming podcast Redneck Review and review a wine for Medina's Wine About Winter. Thanks to Tim & Justin for the bottle and the fun time.

Sebastian Eräkare performs some of his original songs during the 2015 Wine About Winter.  Thank you Jan-Mikael & Sebastian for such a fun interview and inspired performance.

Enerve Studios -

Christopher Rob Robinson & Mike Zelazny rock out some original tunes during our coverage of the Wine About Winter.

Orleans Radio is broadcasting with live coverage of Medina's Wine About Winter.  Special guests include Rob Robinson, Sebastian EraKare and Nick Zamniak.  Man on the street interviews by Bob & Linda Knipe and a review from the hosts of the upcoming podcast Redneck Review!  Hosted by Alex Feig & Steve Callara.

Published on Jan 13, 2015

Thank you to all participants in last Sundays dissolution debate. We appreciate all the positive support and feedback. Orleans Radio is looking forward to many more broadcasts on local topics to come.